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After answered the questions that follow, one will follow free interview to understand the risk areas, the areas to improve and those that instead take place in a manner effective.

    1) You have a credit policy - written credit procedure; how many resources dedicated to the credit process?*

    2) You assign a risk code to each customer in your customer portfolio?*

    3) Use business information before starting a business relationship with a new customer?*

    4) The systems you use generate automatic reminders and a schedule of invoices to be collected on a daily basis?*

    5) The resources that operate on credit activities are updated and trained on current regulations?*

    6) What is the current annual turnover value?*

    7) What is the value of overdue and due credits??*

    8) What is the percentage or value of outstanding claims?*

    9) What is the percentage or value of claims in litigation?*

    10) What is the value of credits carried at a loss in the last 2 years?*

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    Lawyer. Filippo Lipiani
    (Auditor Credit Management)

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