Credit process

Art. 2086 paragraph II civil code as amended by art. 375, comma 2,  d.lgs. January 12, 2019, n. 14 – entered into force pursuant to art. 389 comma 2 d. lgs. n. 14, on March 16, 2019 – establishes that: “The businessman, that operates in a corporate or collective form, has the duty to establish an organizational structure, administrative and accounting appropriate to the nature and size of the company, also based on the timely detection of the company's crisis and the loss of business continuity, as well as to act without delay for the adoption and implementation of one of the tools provided for by the law for overcoming the crisis and recovering business continuity".

Make use of a one-way process certification of the credit process through the UNI DPR 44/2018 practice, it constitutes an opportunity for the entrepreneur to be able to comply with the obligation to equip himself with an adequate structure “organisational, administrative and accounting" functional to the "timely detection of the company's crisis and the loss of business continuity" also in order to avoid incurring civil and other liabilities.

It is necessary for a company to acquire the procedures to manage optimally, its own commercial credit process from its birth or from its "physiological" phase up to that, eventual, “pathological” related to forced recovery.

Effectively manage the credit process, it means having an effective one governance and therefore corporate organisation.

SUSTAINABILITY is ensured (ESG) of the company and its own governance which reverberates positively on all subjects who interface with it: employees, providers, shareholders and customers.

Statistical data, they tell us that over 70% of default of companies, derives from an imprudent and unprofessional management of the outstanding payments of its customer portfolio and from the objective circumstance that a significant amount of outstanding payments undisputably and negatively reverberates on the company's ability to generate and increase its own cash flow, the need arises, in a market where the "Credit factor" it also constitutes an instrument of competitiveness, to have a correct credit process which is an important factor, indeed essential, to ensure business continuity and thus avoid unpleasant surprises.

In other words, it is necessary to verify whether the management of one's trade credit took place in a professional manner or not, i.e. whether it is neglected or instead careful and diligent., in the knowledge that, always, the management of this business aspect can always be improved.


Through il Credit Process Test, prepared by our. TEAM, the company will be able to verify whether its process is structured and to know which areas need improvement or risk areas, provides the opportunity, I know the case, to make use of an effective and reliable tool to support the organization that, in such a way, will be able to increase its own cash flow as part of a more careful and diligent credit process e, in a word, more professional.

UNI / PdR practice 44:2018 is a document published by UNI (Italian Standardization Body), a fine 2018, with the purpose to prevent and manage the risks inherent in trade credit, certifying its processes in such a way that they are recognized and validated by an impartial third party that guarantees their compliance.

The ultimate goal is to give clarity to the credit management process for all stakeholders interested companies.

Ultimately, competition between companies is exercised not only at the time of sale and therefore in the management of their own core business, but also in the management of one's commercial credit.

Lawyer. Filippo Lipiani
(Auditor Credit Management)

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